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Information relating to cookies

Cookies are classed as text files which contain small amounts of software information, this software allows our websites to recognise what device you are using to browse our websites. Our websites also download information to your device when you visit our websites, if you agree to our websites performing this action. The cookies are then uploaded back to our websites. Cookies are used to make your browsing journey a whole lot better, they remember your preferences, and allow us to improve your shopping experience. They are also used sometimes to show adverts that you may be interested in.

Our cookies on our site, help us to segregate you from other users of our websites, thus allowing us to bespoke your buyer’s journey, and display products and services that may be of interest to you. We also use analytical websites to help with marketing purposes, we can analyse this data, and provide our customers with a better shopping experience. For example, if we notice one of the products is a top seller, we can buy more similar products to provide you more choice.

In general, cookies do not collect personal information from you. We do not pass on cookie details to third party websites. However, some of our advertisers and affiliates may use cookies, and we do not have control over this.

You can adjust your browser to refuse cookies, but if you have not our systems will issue cookies and download them to the device you are using to browse on of our websites.

How to change browser settings

If you do not change your cookies settings on your browser we will assume you are consenting that you are fine with downloading our cookies to your device, thus, helping with your viewing experience.

It is your choice if you want to download our cookies to your device, but if want to disable cookies on your browser, our websites may not work fully. This may hinder your viewing experience, and you may miss out on special offers, and other personalised experiences. If you do delete all of your cookies, you will have to tell us again on certain elements of our websites.

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